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We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

Strategic management

We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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* 3 years Aircraft maintenance Engineering EASA Technical Training in the Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace Limited.

* College of aviation Technology is now in the MTOE of the Shannon Aerospace Limited approved by the Irish Aviation Authority(IAA) Under EASA.

Contact Address :


 House #14; Road #02; Sector #11;  Uttara; Dhaka - 1230; Bangladesh.      

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Phone : +88 (02) 8991371

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 in Gulf Aviation

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 Aircraft Maintenance in Gulf Aviation

1. Theory Training for 12 Modules

2. Workshop practical training

3. Aircraft practical training 

4. One year OJT in the Gulf Air Technical facilities




# Work in USA in Portland from Feb. 8, 2019

 Work in USA in Portland from Feb. 8, 2019

We’re looking for 10 highly motivated CIEE alumni to join us for a paid, nine-week internship. Each intern tackles a meaningful project to further improve the CIEE experience and pave the way for our next participants to foster positive change. Whether your students have an academic background in political science, business, education, communications, economics, or even the visual arts, this internship is the perfect way for CIEE alumni to help others connect with the world, just like they did.

Our interns develop valuable work skills, hone in on career goals, and make a significant contribution toward promoting the international exchange of ideas and experiences. Your students won’t want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to:

  • Tackle a challenging strategic project with tangible impact
  • Learn alongside your mentor, an experienced CIEE business leader
  • Develop leadership skills with a special seminar, “Personal Leadership and Identity in the Global Workplace”
  • Explore Portland and take in Maine’s rugged beauty
  • Live rent-free in nearby waterfront housing

Any student who is a rising senior and has completed a CIEE college study abroad program is eligible. Watch this video to see what it’s like to be a CIEE alumni intern, and learn more today.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Mohammad Nayem Islam

Senior Officer Admin

College of Aviation Technology

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