Aeronautical Engineering

We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

Strategic management

We have vowed to inculcate the significance of Quality

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

International Students of Catech

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* 3 years Aircraft maintenance Engineering EASA Technical Training in the Lufthansa Technik AG Shannon Aerospace Limited.

* College of aviation Technology is now in the MTOE of the Shannon Aerospace Limited approved by the Irish Aviation Authority(IAA) Under EASA.

Contact Address :


 House #14; Road #02; Sector #11;  Uttara; Dhaka - 1230; Bangladesh.      

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Phone : +88 (02) 8991371

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 in Gulf Aviation

EASA Part 66 Cat A1 Aircraft Maintenance in Gulf Aviation

1. Theory Training for 12 Modules

2. Workshop practical training

3. Aircraft practical training 

4. One year OJT in the Gulf Air Technical facilities





Current Courses


BSc (Honours) in Aeronautical and Aviation Science

Course Type Bachelor of Science
Length 48 months



BBA (Honours) in Aviation Management

Course Type Bachelor of Business Administration
Length 48 months


Pathway to Master Degree in the Following Universities:

               University       Web Link
1.University of new south wales
2.University of Manchester
3.University of Hartford
4.Coventry University


Build the foundation for your future

Open the door to a world of possibilities. As an undergraduate student at DU, you'll get a multidisciplinary education that's rooted in a clear commitment to taking on the great issues of our time. Enriched by diverse learning experiences that extend from the classroom to the field, laboratory, community and professional world, your time here will be informed by diverse perspectives that deepen your understanding of the global culture. In the end, you'll be uniquely prepared to confront the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Innovative degree programs

Select from our current undergraduate programs, including traditional majors and compelling dual degree programs that span a variety of options, including business, education, engineering, international studies. At CATECH, you can:

  • Follow our broad base of foundational courses with unique interdisciplinary classes and in-depth studies within your major.
  • Choose between individual, interdisciplinary and dual undergraduate degree programs. 

Applied learning experience

Break out of the classroom. At CATECH, you'll broaden your knowledge base with a variety of unique and exciting applied learning experiences. Discover new interests and aptitudes through:

  • Fieldwork or lab research with a teacher.
  • Internships with top aviation companies.

Advanced academic opportunities

Delve deeper into your studies through specialized research projects and advanced academic pursuits, including the:

  • Persue higher studies at here or abroad.

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